Angels vs Demons (*Berbagi PacaR*)

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In one point of my life I learned to love someone like him…and in time I am going to lose someone who will never be mine forever…
A :(*suka banget sii cari gara-gara cuma karena masalah C.I.N.T.A*)
D :forbidden..forbidden…tapi yang dilarang-larang bikin lo makin penasaran kannn?? kata siapa dia ga bisa jadi milik kamu?? *tanduk mode ON*

There are times I attempt and ask him to avoid me, coz I felt that I am starting to fall for him deeply…
A :(*yeah yeahh… Youre my sunshine after the rain.. tapi sunshine nya masih dibalik awan mendung kan??*)
D :Peduli Setan..! Gw aja ga peduli ma diri gw sendiri..gw kan S.E.T.A.N =))

but then I still keep my feet on the ground, still manage where to stand and I keep myself on the right track and know how to follow the rules for these forbidden love,(-)
A :(*ah ada aturannya juga ya?? jadi orang ketiga harus ikut aturan?? break the rules!! F**k the rules.. Ups lupa jadi malaikat..maksudnya..janganlah kau menyakiti hati yang bisa kau lukai nakk..*)
D :angels… masih ingatkah kau dulu angels lelga saja pernah jadi orang kesekian dari bang Rhoma..??!!sstttt..diamlah kau dulu..biarkanlah dia ini curhattttt..

in able for me to easily escape just in case time will come that we have to reach the end and no other way for us but to let go. I know what I felt for him is right, I can never chose the person I love, it just happened, and I believe it happens with a good purpose.
A :(*agree with that..the last line. stupid cupid*)
D :so?

I never thought that I would come into this more complicated relationship, what I have just thought now is that I am going to learn from my own mistakes, and it will never take me less as a person, instead it makes me more Strong and determined to get what I wanted in life.
A : (*go girl..be strong, yang sabar.. but please respect to others, jangan ganggu hidup mereka, jangan jadi orang ketiga*)
D :hey girl..we are same.. kalo ada sepasang kekasih pacaran, orang ketiganya itu SETAN.. kita sama donkkkk…sama-sama SETANN..wkwkwk

Fate gives a twist in my life and I knew I can escape to this relationship and there is nothing to regret about it, coz I stand up for those I love and for what I believe is right for me, I speak what’s on my mind and I won’t compromise what is in my heart. I just hope and prayed that I can be fortunate to get out on this situation without any regrets but a lesson to learn that I will cherish for the rest of my life.
A :(*..huh ngeyel ya..apa si yang lo carii?? cinta?? makan tuh cinta sampe ke alam kubur*)
D :ya daripada rasa penasaran lo ikut kebawa-bawa terus kedalam alam kubur?

I would always love to here some lyrics from a song ….
“How could something so wrong feel so right all along” ~ when all you know is that you are just being in love and be loved and then in the end you realize that you are both the victim of a wrong love… ”

A :(*singing..sigh*)
D :oh my God..oh nooo…oh yeeess..no way baby..kursus bina vokal dulu deh baru nyeyong..suara hati mencerminkan suara cempreng lo gw rasa..

In this case I can’t help but admit to myself the initial mistakes I’ve done, I know I am responsible for all these, I know my limitations and I know that in every situation there’s always a reason behind, I may not never know it now but soon I will in the right time.
A :(*Only GOD knows when…*)
D :Only God knows why..kaleee…kita lagi bahas lagu Kid Rock bukan? -___-!

He steals my heart and I am captured to fall for him. I don’t know until when I’m going to have these but I am sure once it’s ended, he will always be in my heart coz somewhere along the way we met and loved each other without any regrets. That’s it for now….coz I’m still on process of getting the best way out. End

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