Better Than SeX

Posted in Film by FITRIA PERMATA SURI on August 30, 2008

Semakin banyak film yang menawarkan pancingan berbau-bau sex, contohnya Anda Puas Saya Loyo, ML (Mau Lagi), dan Extra Large antara Aku Kau dan Mak Erot. Walaupun memang belum sebanyak judul film hantu yang disesuaikan dengan seberapa banyak jenis hantu yang ada di Indonesia, tapi semoga tidak terus menambah jumlahnya hanya karena mengikuti trend. Itu pula yang terjadi sebenarnya dengan film-film dari luar negeri. The title is a provocation, a tease, a come-on. It’s also a sign that the film is trying to have things both ways. Satu film yang direkomendasikan sekarang adalah film lama yang baru saja kutonton, judulnya menarik, isinya ga jauh berbeda dengan harapan begitu kita melihat profile gambarnya, kita juga akan melihat lekuk-lekuk tubuh pemainnya tanpa batasan sensor sedikitpun.


For the Hunter S. Thompson book, see Better Than Sex (book).
Better Than Sex
Directed by Jonathan Teplitzky
Produced by Frank Cox
Bruna Papandrea
Written by Jonathan Teplitzky
Starring David Wenham
Susie Porter
Catherine McClements
Music by David Hirschfelder
Cinematography Garry Phillips
Distributed by CanWest Global (USA)
Release date(s) 2000
Running time 95 min.
Country Australia / France
Language English

Better Than Sex is 2000 Australian film from director Jonathan Teplitzky starring David Wenham and Susie Porter. It is a romantic comedy of sorts, revolving around two people who have a one-night stand and start to question whether they want more. The story couldn’t be simpler. Girl meets guy at a party, they like the look of each other, she invites him to stay over at her trendy warehouse apartment. She’s Cynthia, a sometime dressmaker; he’s Josh, a wildlife photographer based in London. Both are attractive, funny, sexually confident, with no plans to marry or settle down any time soon. He’s leaving the country in a few days, so there’s no chance this casual affair will lead to anything serious. They prove to be compatible in and out of bed, he stays over another night, gradually they start talking. One of Cynthia’s friends arrives, blatantly flirts with Josh, and leaves (unfortunately) as soon as the situation starts to get more interesting. Josh and Cynthia fight, make up, have sex, joke around, have more sex, recount their life histories, and have sex again.

The truth is that while this is indeed a movie about sex, it’s not really about sex as any kind of transcendent, revelatory experience; it’s about sex as lifestyle. It’s about sex as a fascinating topic that can be discussed endlessly and frankly (as it is in Cosmopolitan): the morning after Cynthia and Josh first sleep together, we’re treated to a daisy-chain montage of telephone calls as the rumour spreads amongst their friends. This is the real project of Better Than Sex, beyond its rather thin storyline: rethinking the way Australian cinema talks about sex, bringing it up-to-date with the manners and practices of the real world


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  1. findingalaya said, on August 30, 2008 at 11:24 am

    kayakna sih gue punya.. tapi kok samar2 inget ceritanya ya.. ntar gue ubek2 lagi koleksi gue & nonton lagi ah.

    i prefer ‘better than chocolate’ hehehe but definitely not recommended for you 🙂

  2. FITRIA PERMATA SURI said, on August 30, 2008 at 11:33 am

    emang film uda lama banget sie, tapi bukannya klo film yang agak menjurus-jurus itu malah mudah diingat sepanjang masa? hahaha

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